My Books

Who’s That Girl?

Edie kisses the groom at his wedding….but she’s not the bride, and all hell breaks loose. She’s cast out of her social circle as a home wrecking hussy, and to make matters worse, the husband was her colleague.

It’s Not Me It’s You

“It went like this: I proposed. Paul said yes, not particularly enthusiastically. Then we went for drinks, and he sent a text to the Other Woman saying “oh god, Delia wants to marry me” TO ME by mistake…”

Here’s Looking At You

‘We don’t live in the right era for an Anna. Not much formality and wooing. But you know. If you lived in Jane Austen time you’d have teeth like Sugar Puffs and seven kids with no pain relief. Swings and roundabouts.’

You Had Me At Hello

‘With the way things have turned out, you don’t have to spoil what you and Ben had. You don’t have to slowly go off each other, see the other one get senile and die.’ ‘The problem is, after all these years, I can’t think of anyone I’d more like to slowly go off, see get senile and die, than Ben.’