It’s Not Me It’s You is out now!

It’s Not Me It’s You is about 33-year-old Geordie council press officer and proud ginger, Delia Moss. Life is content if a little dull. But when she proposes to her boyfriend Paul, and receives a text meant for The Other Woman instead, things fall spectacularly apart. It’s a nasty plot twist in Delia’s life – but is it also a chance for her to seize control and become author of her own fate again?

In the book, Delia writes a superhero comic, starring her crime fighting alter ego, The Fox. You get to see glimpses of the story-within-the-story in illustrations, by the talented Chris King. I fell in love with his artwork. And then I thought, I KNOW: rather than a photo on my site, I’ll have a picture drawn by Chris. Ta dah, to the right ->

Nice stuff people are saying

  • Smart and funny. Really delivers the goods – a delicious feast of a comic romance

    The Mirror
  • Witty, sharp and giggle inducing from the very first page, this is modern and honest romantic fiction at its most accomplished. Convincing and heartfelt all at once.

  • The funniest, most romantic book I’ve read since One Day

    Lisa Jewell
  • Reading this book I laughed so hard I almost dropped my Kindle in the bath! I already want to read it again.

    Erin Lawless
  • Very very witty and funny. Left me in awe…a total gem.

    Marian Keyes
  • Sparkly writing, laugh out loud funny and a story that’ll keep you enthralled

    Jane Fallon

Events and Releases


It’s Not Me Its You is out in hardback in the UK



Here’s Looking At You (Comme si c’etait toi) released in France



Here’s Looking At You (Vielleicht Mag Ich Dich Morgen) released in Germany