If I Never Met You


If faking love is this easy … how do you know when it’s real?

Laurie and Jamie have the perfect office romance (They set the rules via email).

Everyone can see they’re head over heels (They staged the photos).

This must be true love (They’re faking it).

When Laurie is dumped by her partner of eighteen years, she’s blindsided. Not only does she feel humiliated, they still have to work together.

So when she gets stuck in the lift with handsome colleague Jamie, they hatch a plan to stage the perfect romance. Revenge will be sweet …

But this fauxmance is about to get complicated. You can’t break your heart in a fake relationship — can you?

Read An Excerpt From If I Never Met You

Eventually, like the Voice Of God, Mick interrupted in the intercom and said: ‘We’re getting you moving! Only a couple of minutes,’ and both of them whooped their relief.

The lift jolted into life and Laurie would

  1. never take its movement for granted again and
  2. be getting the stairs from now on anyway.

Mick was waiting for them on the ground floor, looking delighted.

‘Were you about to start drinking your urine?’

‘I’m certainly going to drink some imported Czech urine now,’ Jamie said.

‘Hell yes,’ Laurie said, and wondered if she and Jamie Carter would ever speak again, outside shop talk. Sharing this ordeal was worth a ‘hi’ in the corridor, and a head nod if their eyes met in departmental meetings. Maybe not much more.

They said their hearty goodnights to Mick, and thanked their saviour, the man in the boiler suit with the monkey wrench.

As Jamie held the front door for Laurie, he said: ‘Hey. You might very much want to get straight off, and please say so if you do. But given we’ve both had our Friday nights trashed, fancy a quick drink? Drown our sorrows?’

‘Oh … ? Sure.’

Laurie surprised herself by not only accepting, but wanting to. She was secretly gratified that after an hour and a half of confinement together, he didn’t want to get away from her as fast as possible. And she didn’t think for a second Jamie was trying it on, either. She understood what he meant, she felt it too: going home now to dinner for one was pure surrender. They couldn’t let the lift win.

‘Nice one,’ Jamie said, with a dazzling smile, and she momentarily saw a flash of the powers that inflamed boss’s nieces.

Nice words about If I Never Met You

  • Sharply relevant, super funny, packs an emotional punch and deeply, deliciously romantic, perfect on every level

  • A funny, smart and wonderfully romantic book about faking it… and making it. I loved every page