Who is The Fox?

It’s Not Me It’s You stars the flame haired Delia, but it has another hero, in the story-within-the-story. The Fox. This caped crime fighting alter ego patrols Newcastle at night with her fox sidekick, Reginald. So who is The Fox….?

Delia Moss is a creative person, but for years she’s channelled it into her clothes, her make-up, her home, her secret wedding Pinterest board. And she’s capable of heroics, but in her relationship and her job, she’s somewhat second fiddle.

When her life falls to pieces, she finds herself drawn back to a comic book she dreamt up when she was young, about the adventures of The Fox. She starts to sketch again, and The Fox’s escapades and dilemmas parallel Delia’s in the main story. The Fox is a beacon: she stands for making the brave choice. Something we can all do with being reminded of from time to time.

I thought it’d be great if we could see glimpses of what Delia’s drawing in It’s Not Me It’s You, snapshots of how her art is mirroring her life.

In writing The Fox, Delia starts to take control of her own story again. Needless to say, a talented artist called Chris King brought the idea to life visually, not me. I hope you like the results as much as I do!

Delia's alter-ego The Fox

Delia’s alter-ego The Fox

(And here as an added bonus was my first scribble of Super Delia, drawn on a trip to the lovely city of Newcastle in November 2013. Yeah, I don’t think Chris has anything to worry about…)