The Ultimate Celebrity Interview

You never need read any of those ‘she floated into the room and all eyes turned’ nauseating glossy Sunday supplement interviews again! It’s all here in one handy angry spoof.

I wrote this after a Sunday spent reading the glossy magazines that come with the broadsheets, who pretty much all did the same thing that weekend – run a hilariously hagiographic interview with a young actress. I honestly felt I’d read this interview SO many times, you could do a full house bullshit bingo card.

So I wrote it in a cloud of steam, then got cold feet about publishing it, wondering if it was a bit nuts. The lovely Sarah Ditum made me do it. Thank you Sarah.

People still regularly report sightings of this species of interview in the wild to me to this day.

Follow the link to Sarah’s blog and see if any of it rings a bell: